Supreme 9000

Engine Oils

Schaeffer Oil manufactures a variety of synthetic engine oils and natural gas engine oils primarily for heavy-duty diesel and gasoline engines.

Available Engine Oils:

Supreme 7000™ Synthetic Plus Engine Oil
Supreme 9000™ Full Synthetic Engine Oil
Advanced European Performance Oils
Supreme 7000™ 20W-50 Racing Oil
Extreme V-Twin Synthetic Plus 20W-50
Supreme 9000™ Full Synthetic Racing Oil 2-Cycle
Synthetic Plus Natural Gas Engine Oils
Synthetic Plus Natural Gas Engine Oil
Moly Bond X-200 Universal Engine Oils


Product Description

Whether you’re out on a trail, in a cross country snow race or power gliding across the water, you need high performance oil that’s ready for adventure. Our Supreme 9000™ Full Synthetic Racing Oil 2-Cycle is designed just for that.

Recommended for:

  • Outboards
  • Motorcycles
  • All terrain vehicles (ATV)
  • Personal water craft (PWC)
  • Jet boats
  • Snowmobiles – especially high performance snowmobiles
  • Other 2-cycle engines that use exhaust or rotary exhaust power valves.

Our 2-cycle oil keeps engines and other critical parts clean, giving your machine like new performance. This premium, ashless oil reduces smoke emissions and prevents exhaust port blocking. Its clean characteristics prevent hard carbon deposits from forming so you can enjoy a smooth but powerful throttle. Even when you’re pushing your machine to the limit in demanding conditions, Schaeffer’s 2-cycle oil keeps working.

Blended into #9006 are two proven frictional modifiers: Micron Moly® and our own proprietary additive, Penetro®. Supreme 9000™ Full Synthetic Racing Oil 2-Cycle exceeds performance requirements of most major 2-cycle engine manufacturers. Download our technical data (TD) sheetfor full details.


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